At Trident Seafoods we want to share the bounty of Alaska seafood with you. Find out more about the benefits of these Alaska species.

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  • Wild Alaska Pollock Illustration

    Wild Alaska Pollock

    Wild Alaska Pollock is a cousin to cod and shares its lean, snow-white meat, delicate, flaky textures and mild flavor. Not to be confused with the darker, oilier Atlantic pollock, Alaska pollock is one of the healthiest and most versatile fish choices available. Wild-caught in the icy waters of Alaska, Alaska pollock is the most abundant certified-sustainable wild fish in the world.

  • Alaska Sockeye Salmon Illustration

    Alaska Sockeye Salmon

    Wild Alaska sockeye salmon are also known as red salmon because of their deep ruby-red meat color. This stunning color comes from the tiny krill that make up much of their diet in the wild. Sockeye are caught throughout the state, but the world’s largest sockeye salmon run happens each summer in Bristol Bay in far western Alaska.

  • Snow Crab Illustration

    Alaska Snow Crab

    Impressive yet affordable, Alaska snow crab is a clear—and delicious—alternative to more expensive shellfish. Two species of Alaska snow crab are harvested in the icy waters of the North Pacific – opilio and bairdii, also known as tanner crab. Both offer a rich, sweet, and delicate flavor, with a tender texture that makes them a popular choice among chefs. Alaska snow crab meat ranges from a reddish hue to a perfect snow-white color, with the shoulder meat offering a tender bite and the claw meat a firmer bite.

  • Alaska Pink Salmon Illustration

    Alaska Pink Salmon

    The smallest and most abundant of all Alaska salmon, wild Alaska pink salmon has a light, delicate flavor that gives it wide appeal. Equally at home on the center of the plate, pink salmon is also the primary canned salmon species, providing a wide range of culinary options and the added convenience of self-stable seafood.

  • Alaska Keta Salmon Illustration

    Alaska Keta Salmon

    The mild flavor, delicate texture, and attractive orange-pink color of wild Alaska keta salmon makes this fish exceptionally versatile and overwhelmingly popular. Keta salmon also has a lower fat content than other salmon varieties, so it works wonderfully in a wide range of recipes and menus designed to meet specific nutritional goals.

  • Alaska Halibut Illustration

    Alaska Halibut

    Alaska halibut is the world’s largest flatfish and has gained a world-class reputation due to its succulent flavor, firm, flaky texture, and pearly white meat. A favorite for center-of-the-plate restaurant preparations, this versatile fish averages between 35 and 50 pounds, but can easily grow up to 300 pounds!

  • Alaska Dungeness Crab Illustration

    Alaska Dungeness Crab

    Dungeness crab is a perennial West Coast favorite, loved for its large size and delicate, sweet flavor. Harvested all along the Pacific Coast – from California north to Alaska’s Aleutian Islands—the flavorful Dungeness crab grows to between 2 and 3 pounds on average. It boasts a bright orange shell when cooked, and offers a tender, delicious crabmeat that’s both lean and healthy.

  • Alaska Coho Salmon Illustration

    Alaska Coho Salmon

    Alaska Coho salmon is one of the best-tasting salmon varieties available. It’s preferred by many for its balanced flavor, firm texture, and beautiful orange-red color, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of preparations—from sushi rolls and sashimi to baking and grilling. This species is also known as silver salmon because of its flashy silver skin.

  • Alaska Cod Illustration

    Alaska Cod

    One of the most popular species from the North Pacific, Alaska cod is a large, lean whitefish that’s an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and heart-healthy nutrients. This crowd-pleasing fish is known for its incredible versatility, turning up in a wide range of dishes from casual fish and chips to high-end, white tablecloth entrées. Alaska cod has a firm texture with a large flake and a sweet flavor that gives it its universal appeal.