Snow Crab Illustration

Alaska Snow Crab

Chionoecetes opilio and Chionoectes bairdi

Impressive yet affordable, Alaska snow crab is a clear—and delicious—alternative to more expensive shellfish. Two species of Alaska snow crab are harvested in the icy waters of the North Pacific – opilio and bairdii, also known as tanner crab. Both offer a rich, sweet, and delicate flavor, with a tender texture that makes them a popular choice among chefs. Alaska snow crab meat ranges from a reddish hue to a perfect snow-white color, with the shoulder meat offering a tender bite and the claw meat a firmer bite.

Benefits and Nutrition

Alaska snow crab is a source of lean protein, with one 3-ounce portion providing 20 g of complete protein and a whopping 405 mg of marine omega-3 fatty acids. One serving also provides the daily value of vitamins D and B-12.



Like all fisheries in Alaska, maintaining crab stocks and protecting the ecosystems where they live is the highest priority for fishery managers. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council works with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and NOAA to review the assessment surveys conducted by federal fisheries scientists to assess crab populations and then sets sustainable harvest limits each year. The snow crab fishery is also independently certified by the Responsible Fishery Management program.

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