Choose Wild Alaska Pollock

Wild Alaska Pollock is Climate-Smart.

According to a recent Life Cycle assessment study*: Wild Alaska Pollock has a significantly lower carbon impact compared to beef, chicken, and pork. In fact, Wild Alaska Pollock’s carbon impact is five and a half times lower than plant-based meat! You can feel good about purchasing this climate-smart protein.

Carbon impacts of Wild Alaska Pollock as compared to other proteins (kg CO2-eq kg of proteins)
1 Monterey Bay Aquarium/Dalhousie University Seafood Carbon Emissions Tool; beef, chicken and pork measured as kg CO2-eq per kg of protein, midpoints for reported range (as of July 14, 2021)
2 Comparative environmental LCA of the Impossible Burger® with conventional ground beef burger, Quantis International (2019)
3 Quantis International, Life Cycle Assessment of Wild Alaska Pollock: ISO LCA Report (2021)
Wild Alaska Pollock is a highly nutritious food that also helps meet the challenges of the present to protect the environment for future generations.
Wild Alaska Pollock can help you deliver on the demand for food that is both nutritious and good for the planet.
* Non-profit association Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) partnered with a leader in global sustainability research to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the Wild Alaska Pollock industry. The LCA is an internationally recognized approach that evaluates potential environmental impacts of products throughout their lifecycle. 
The LCA results show that Wild Alaska Pollock fillet is 3.77 kg CO2-eq per kg of protein, significantly lower than comparative statistics reported for other protein sources

There’s plenty of THIS fish.

Our supply chain is strong: nothing has stopped our superfish from making its’ way from Alaska to your freezers!

You can feel good about offering Wild Alaska Seafood because it is wild-caught in Alaska by American fishermen. By supporting seafood, you are supporting thousands of fishermen and the many workers who help deliver this fabulous protein to you each and every day. Wild Alaska Pollock is the most abundant certified-sustainable wild fish in the world*. Our supply chain remains strong and stable.

* Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ 2016 The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report

Wild Alaska Pollock packs a protein punch.

A 3oz. serving of Wild Alaska Pollock boasts 20 grams of protein per serving. Protein is essential for all diets as it supports muscle growth, a healthy immune system, and the brain development.

This fish is delish in any dish.

Try it in fish tacos, soups, sandwiches or salads.