Crab Delights® Cheesy Bacon Twists

Crab Delights® Cheesy Bacon Twists

35 minutes 24 servings


  • 1 Puff pastry sheet

  • 3 tablespoons Dijon mustard

  • 1 8 oz.-pkg Crab Delights®, leg style

  • 6 slices of Cooked bacon

  • 4 oz. Extra sharp white cheddar cheese

  • 1 Egg, beaten


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees

  2. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, and spread puff pastry on lined cookie sheet

  3. Generously spread Dijon mustard onto pastry sheet

  4. Place 2 legs of Crab Delights, lengthwise, in each section of the puff pastry sheet

  5. Place slice of bacon on top of each Crab Delights section

  6. Whirr up cheddar cheese in food processor and spread over top of the bacon and crab legs

  7. Stretch and wrap the puff pastry around the Crab Delight legs and pinch the dough together to seal

  8. Wash with beaten egg

  9. Bake at 425 degrees for 12 – 15 minutes, or until pastry is cooked

  10. Slice into bite-size pieces


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