California Roll Bowl

Louis Kemp®

Our products begin with harvesting Wild Alaska Pollock by our fishing boats to processing at our state-of-the-art production facility in Motley, Minnesota, and all the way to your plate. We control the quality every step of the process.

Low Carbon Footprint

Wild Alaska Pollock Surimi has a significantly lower carbon impact compared to shrimp, Beef, and Wild Tuna. We proudly make our Louis Kemp® Surimi seafood products with Wild Alaska Pollock, the most abundant and certified sustainable species on the planet.

Versatility At Your Fingertips

Whether at home or on the go, in your favorite salad, or in more adventurous recipes, our products are as delicious as they are nutritious. Louis Kemp® is a versatile, tasty, ready-to-eat substitute for seafood, crab meat, and other shellfish.

Practical Protein

A good source of omega-3s that is low in cholesterol and calories, surimi seafood is also an ideal source of high-quality protein that is naturally low in fat.

Surimi Lettuce Wrap


Whether you are entertaining friends or just looking for something to change up the routine, we have you covered. Enjoy one of our great recipes straight from the Louis Kemp® test kitchen today!

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Louis Kemp Leg Style


Maybe you’ve never heard the term Surimi, but chances are you’ve eaten it at your favorite sushi restaurant or at your local poke shop.

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