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Wild Alaska Pollock Information

Curious about Wild Alaska Pollock? Read below for common 
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What type of fish is Wild Alaska Pollock?

A cousin to cod, Wild Alaska Pollock is one of the most-consumed fish in the U.S. It is a mild-flavored white fish with a soft, delicate and flaky texture when cooked. Also known as the Walleye Pollock, it differs from the larger, oilier Atlantic pollock, which is actually a different species.

Is Wild Alaska Pollock healthy?

Can I consume Wild Alaska Pollock if I’m pregnant?

Is Wild Alaska Pollock sustainable?

How is Wild Alaska Pollock caught?

What does Wild Alaska Pollock taste like?

How do you cook Wild Alaska Pollock?

Protein Noodles

Where can I buy Protein Noodles?

What do Protein Noodles taste like?

What is the shelf-life of Protein Noodles?

Can the Protein Noodles be frozen?

How do I prepare the Protein Noodles?

Are Protein Noodles gluten-free?

Are the Protein Noodles healthy?

What are the ingredients in Protein Noodles?

Are they safe to consume while pregnant?

Is the fish used in the Protein Noodles sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Is Wild Alaska Pollock a halal and/or kosher fish?

Do I need to be concerned about mercury or PCBs?

Is the fish used wild or farmed?

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