Wild Alaska Pollock

Wild Alaska Pollock has never been more popular. Its delicate, flaky texture is packed with nutrients and vitamins, and it’s a great source of low-calorie and low-fat protein. Perfect for even the pickiest patrons, Trident offers menu options for every customer, from schools to midscale connoisseurs to food-truck aficionados.

We provide consistent, sustainable Wild Alaska Pollock caught in the wild, icy waters of Alaska. It’s processed right on board our own boats—frozen once, with no additives, so your customers can enjoy the highest quality Wild Alaska Pollock on the market.

Whether you’re shopping for skillet-ready portions, batter-ready cuts, bite size pieces, skinless or skin-on, breaded or battered, fillets or burgers, we carry a large assortment of options to best suit your business needs, each with preparation and cooking instructions, serving suggestions, and ingredient and nutrition information. Browse our Wild Alaska Pollock foodservice products by market, menu occasion, or preparation mode to quickly find the right solution for your menu.

Why Wild Alaska Pollock?

Introducing Wild Alaska Pollock to your menu adds more than just a nutritious, versatile new product to your customers’ plates—it may also help to increase your sales:

  • 94% of consumers say they are more likely to order a seafood item when the word “Alaska” is used as a menu descriptor
  • 3:1 consumer preference for wild-caught seafood over farmed seafood
  • 66% of U.S. consumers say it’s important that their food is produced sustainably

A Whole New Way to Serve the World’s Most Sustainable Fish

Introducing Captain’s Reserve Whole Wild Alaska Pollock.

A great new option for whole fish menu applications. Cooking fish “on the bone” with the head and tail creates incredible flavor and makes for stunning plate presentations. Each fish is perfectly sized for individual portions. Our captains are so proud of this fish that every case carries the individual captain’s name, the fishing boat, and the catch location.

Be among the first to offer American-caught, sustainable Whole Wild Alaska Pollock. It’s a great way to highlight your menu innovation and commitment to American fishermen and sustainable food production.

*For a limited time only.

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Find Your Filet

Our new Wild & Simple™ Alaska Pollock products offer all the sustainability, health, branding, and affordability benefits of Wild Alaska Pollock in four appealing varieties, perfect for creating new menu items to win customers at your restaurant. Check out our simple-to-prep recipes for menu inspiration, or a little taste test.

Redi Cuts

These .36 oz diamond-shaped pieces let you add Wild Alaska Pollock to any dish in a pinch. Simply sauté or stir fry from frozen—ideal for fast-casual, midscale, QSR, and cooking stations.

Pan Redi

Ideal for buffets, banquets, hotels, and cafeterias, these 16.5 lb. whole fillet blocks make it easy to serve delicious and sustainable seafood to large groups.

Skillet Redi

Great for individual and group servings for restaurants with high-table turnover rates. Simply thaw, pan fry or roast, and add to your favorite dish.

Batter Ready

For your food truck, fast-casual, midscale restaurant, or QSR, these frozen portions make it easy to create authentic, hand-battered fish in a flash.

For more options to transform your food truck, fast-casual, midscale, or QSR, view our complete selection of Wild Alaska Pollock foodservice products or try our Alaska Salmon, Alaska Cod, or surimi seafood products for your perfectly curated menu.