Our Story

Catching A Deckload of Dreams

Chuck Bundrant and the Story of Trident Seafoods

The story of Chuck Bundrant and Trident Seafoods is more than a business biography. Its a tale of true grit, salt air, and danger. The stories are told by those who pioneered the fisheries, bucked the political tides, built the Alaska Seafood Industry, and literally risked their lives to do it!

A Sea Change In The Fishing Industry

Here at Trident, catching fish isn’t just our business. It’s our livelihood. It’s our calling. We are all fishermen here, and catching the purest and healthiest seafood is what we do — it’s what we’ve done for more than 40 years. And if we stay true to our beliefs in protecting the oceans where we fish, it’s what we’ll be doing 40 years from now, too.

The Journey North

The story of Trident Seafoods starts back in 1961, when a 19-year-old kid with nothing but a dream drove an old Ford from Tennessee to Seattle, in search of a great adventure at sea.

That 19-year-old kid was Chuck Bundrant. And that little “adventure” stretched into a 12-year journey across Alaska, aboard any ship he could find, discovering everything there is to know about fishing and crabbing along the way.

Chuck met two other likeminded crab fishermen in the early 1970s, Kaare Ness and Mike Jacobson. All three pooled their money together and built the Billikin—a 135-foot boat that not only changed the course of their partnership, but also changed the course of the entire seafood industry. The ingenious Billikin was the first vessel of its kind to feature crab cookers and freezing equipment onboard, so their fresh catch could be processed as soon as it was pulled out of the water instead of coming all the way back to shore.

In the winter of 1961, Chuck Bundrant drove his old ’53 Ford from Tennessee to Seattle. But not before snapping a quick shot with his father.
Soon after, the pioneering partnership expanded once more when the three fishermen joined with Edd Perry and his Bellingham-based company San Juan Seafoods. Now they had all the resources they needed to match their ambitions.

That partnership over 40 years ago marked the beginning of Trident Seafoods. And that 19-year-old kid from Tennessee would become its founder and CEO. Chuck Bundrant could never have imagined how far that little “adventure” back in ‘61 was going to take him.

Chuck in the wheelhouse of his very first fishing vessel, The Addington.


Chuck and his crew of the Tugidak are all smiles as they pose with the biggest king crab they’ve ever seen.



It took a lot of hard work and determination to make Trident what it is today, and Chuck was never afraid to get his feet wet or his hands dirty.



A young Chuck Bundrant discovering just how cold it can get onboard an Alaskan fishing boat in winter.


Today, that dream is still alive and stronger than ever. Trident Seafoods has become the largest vertically-integrated seafood company in North America since its founding, yet we still hold true to the same beliefs we held four decades ago. Now more than ever, we believe that fish is our future, because it’s the healthiest protein we can put in our bodies. And we believe that this gift from the oceans is one we can never take for granted. We treat the sea with the respect it deserves, working toward sustaining a thriving and abundant ocean for generations to come.
Because we are fishermen at our core, and we have a bond with the ocean—when it prospers, we prosper too.




Chuck has every reason to smile. That little company he started over 40 years ago is now the largest vertically-integrated seafood company in North America.

Family Of Fisherman

Many other seafood companies buy the fish they sell to you. We don’t. We catch our own.

We know our seafood is the purest, freshest, and best-tasting seafood you will ever buy, because we catch it ourselves. We have our own fleet of state-of-the-art fishing vessels, where our fish are caught, prepared and frozen right onboard. And we partner with only the most experienced fishermen—fishermen who love what they do for a living, who have been with us for decades, and who respect the oceans as much as we do.

Measuring 124 feet long with a crew of five, the steel fishing vessel Gladiator has been catching wild Pollock in the Alaskan waters for 36 years.
We partner with thousands of independent and dedicated Alaskan fishermen—like the Morovic family. They’re a small, family-run business who have been catching wild salmon for us on their salmon-seining ship Miss Danica for years. All the fishermen in our extended family love what they do for a living, or they wouldn’t be working with Trident if they didn’t.


In addition to partnering with independent fishermen, Trident also has its own fleet of fishing vessels that are skippered by only the most experienced captains.

The Morovic family is one of the many independent, family-run businesses that catch wild Alaskan salmon for Trident.
We partner with thousands of independent and dedicated Alaskan fishermen—like the Morovic family. They’re a small, family-run business who have been catching wild salmon for us on their salmon-seining ship Miss Danica for years. All the fishermen in our extended family love what they do for a living, or they wouldn’t be working with Trident if they didn’t.
The Morovic family is one of the many independent, family-run businesses that catch wild Alaskan salmon for Trident.


In addition to partnering with independent fishermen, Trident also has its own fleet of fishing vessels that are skippered by only the most experienced captains.



Captain Ed French is skipper of the Gladiator, and he’s proudly been fishing for Trident for 22 years now.



Captain Howard Malcolm has been a fisherman for 36 years, with 28 of those years working for Trident onboard the Northern Patriot.



Captain Craig Jenssen is skipper of the 124-foot steel catcher-vessel Dominator. He’s been fishing for Trident for 23 years.



Captain Rick Clark is skipper of the fishing vessel Columbia. He’s got 28 years of experience at sea, with the last 22 of those years working for Trident.


And not only is Trident a family of fishermen, but we are also a family-owned business. We don’t answer to investment bankers like some other seafood companies. We only answer to our customers, our fishermen, and our employees. Chuck Bundrant founded Trident Seafoods on family principles some 40 years ago, and now his son Joe captains the ship as CEO.




Chuck and his son Joe onboard the Bountiful in 1979, and today. We’re proud to be family-owned and operated, with Joe now serving as Trident’s CEO

The Trident Advantage

We’ve made our life from the sea for over 40 years now, and no one knows how to do it better than Trident. We’ve spent so much time catching fish that saltwater runs in our blood, our sweat, and our tears. And we’ve learned quite a few things along the way…

We know we sell the best seafood available today because we control every part of the process, every step of the way—from the second it leaves the icy Alaskan waters to the moment you prepare it.

This fierce bald eagle keeps a close eye on the crew at our plant in Akutan, Alaska. He knows good seafood when he sees it.
How can we be so sure? We already told you about our state-of-the-art fishing vessels, where each and every fish is caught, prepared, and frozen right onboard, within minutes of capture. But we’ve also developed innovative processing plants along Alaska’s shores in the heart of the fishing grounds, strategically located to ensure the freshest fish possible.

In facilities across the lower 48 states, we take Alaska’s bounty and provide you with convenient, easy-to-love seafood entrees and value-added products.

Explore Our Fleet
Our Processing Plants
The Viking Explorer is one of 15 Trident trawl catcher-vessels operating in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands region of Alaska.


Strategically located in the rich fishing grounds of Alaska — we are where the fish are.

Global Reach

But our commitment to delivering Alaskan seafood doesn’t just end at our own borders. We also serve markets in China, Japan, Germany and throughout Europe. For international inquiries contact Sales.

Seafood lovers around the world prize Trident’s superior taste, quality and health benefits.

Our Catch

The Trident logo is your assurance of quality that every product we sell is held to the highest possible standards. And that’s a pretty tall order. Because while we specialize in wild Alaskan seafood, we also offer a lot of other species from around the world.

Our Catch
While our focus is bringing you the best wild Alaskan seafood, Trident also offers a wide variety of species from around the globe.

It’s our Responsibility

For us, sustainability isn’t just a badge or a stamp to make our products more desirable. Sustainability is an investment in our future. It’s a way to ensure this resource is still around for our kids, and their kids. It’s why we invest in and support the local communities where we fish. Sustainable, responsible fishing is one of our core beliefs, and it’s also one of the many reasons we love fishing in the beautiful Alaskan waters—they’ve actually written into their state constitution that all fisheries must follow the strictest of sustainability guidelines.

Our bond with the ocean runs deep. We proudly participate in some of the most sustainable fisheries in the world.

Fish. It’s our Future.

Fish leave a lighter environmental footprint on our planet than pork, poultry, dairy and beef. Fish is better for our bodies, our minds and the environment than any other source of protein out there. Fish is the way to nourish ourselves and keep us healthy without neglecting the earth in the process. It’s what 40 years of fishing experience has taught us.

And by partnering with organizations who share our vision—like The Seafood Nutrition Partnership, The Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers, The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, and The National Fisheries Institute—we can ensure a responsible stewardship of Alaskan seafood for generations to come.




Culture Of Innovation

Starting back in 1973, we were the first company to catch, process and freeze king crab onboard the same ship. The Billikin was the first vessel to accomplish this in Alaskan waters and set a new precedent for the entire crabbing and fishing industry from that point forward. We’ve been letting our innovative products speak for themselves ever since.

It all started in 1973 aboard the Billikin.


Grab ‘N Go ease with premium taste.  Redi Grilled Wild Alaska Salmon Burgers are perfect for delis, catering and any operator that requires a fully cooked option.



Our Protein Noodles are made with 8 all-natural ingredients, are gluten-free, low-carb, keto-friendly, and packed with 10g of protein in every serving.



Available in five versatile portion sizes to match any menu application, our Entrée-Redi Wild Alaska Pollock delivers form, function, and flavor to your menu.



To create our delicious new salmon jerky we’ve married the very best flavors and smokehouse techniques from land and sea.



Our diamond-shaped Skillet Cuts make it easy to add sustainable Wild Alaskan Seafood to any dish.



Our Pacific Cod Bites won Best New Foodservice Product at the 2016 Seafood Expo North America.


It’s easy to love what’s good for you with Wild Alaska Pollock Burgers made from whole fillets and no fillers


Louis Kemp Surimi wrapped around zesty Sriracha sauce—flavor and kick in every bite.


Fully cooked, hot-smoked, peppered and pre-sliced sockeye salmon offers a winning recipe.


Our Salmon Burgers were the first to be made from whole Alaskan salmon fillets and no fillers.


Fully cooked, Redi Grilled Salmon makes it easy to add seafood to the menu—just heat and serve.


Through full utilization of our catch, we create Alaska Naturals Pet Products treats and oils.


We began offering hand-cut PubHouse Cod perfect for authentic Fish & Chips with zero prep.


The Ultimate Fish Sticks offer more all white Pollock and less breading—there’s no mince and no mystery.


Our skinless, boneless wild Alaskan canned salmon made it even easier to add seafood to your diet.


Fully utilizing our catch results in cold pressed Pure Alaska Omega Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil supplements.


We introduced the U.S. to SEALEGS Surimi, made from a blend of real crab and wild Alaska Pollock.


We made chefs’ lives easier by offering pre-cut salmon fillets and portions.


We were pioneers in bringing wild Alaska Pollock to the mainstream.


Trident changed the industry by catching and processing whole crabs at sea.

This spirit of pioneering innovation lives on today as we fulfill our mission to make it easy to love what’s good for you. Our talented team of chefs and food professionals work tirelessly to create craveable and simple-to-prepare seafood—like Alaskan Amber® Beer-Battered Cod, savory Salmon Burgers, Ultimate Fish-Sticks, Smoked Sockeye Salmon, and so much more.




Our team of culinary professionals continues to innovate and inspire.

Moving In The Right Direction

We are a business built on the ocean, and we’ll always champion seafood. Trident is relentlessly focused on bringing you and your family the healthiest, freshest, best-tasting products imaginable. We’ll keep working tirelessly to bring you the best Alaska has to offer, while steadfastly ensuring our oceans remain rich and bountiful for another 40 years, and hopefully 40 more after that, too.


All you have to do is choose Trident. Because when you pick up one of our products in your local grocery store, you’re choosing to add delicious and convenient seafood to your family’s diet…one mouth-watering entrée at a time. Trident makes it easy to love what’s good for you.