Trident Overview

In this family-owned company, we know and love seafood.

We bring the freshest, healthiest, wild-caught fish from the pristine waters of Alaska to families worldwide, and we’ve done so for over 50 years. We are proud to champion Alaska's natural bounty with a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices.

Chuck bundrant standing on dock waiting for the billikin to approach

Our Story

We’re a fishing company started by a fisherman. For 40 years, Trident’s founder, Chuck Bundrant, led the company fearlessly. He took chances not just to improve Trident, but the industry as a whole. In 2013, when Chuck passed the torch to his son, Joe, his spirit of passion and innovation remained deeply embedded in the company’s culture.

Vision, Mission, Values

Workers on catcher processor


We make people’s lives better.


We work together to responsibly share wild Alaska seafood with the world.


We care for each other

We demonstrate awareness and consideration for the well-being of others.

We pursue excellence

We set high standards and hold ourselves accountable for achieving those standards. We never stop looking for ways to improve.

We do the right thing

We do what we say we will do and we do what is right, always.

Riepe, Germany

Our Facilities and Global Reach

We're committed to meeting your unique business needs, wherever you are. Anchored in Alaska, with an additional 28 processing, production and sales facilities located around the world, our global reach helps ensure we fulfill our Mission of responsibly sharing wild Alaska seafood with the world.

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Chuck Bundrant watching Billikin

Catching a Deckload of Dreams

The story of Chuck Bundrant and Trident Seafoods is more than a business biography. It's a love and respect for the people and environment of Alaska, and a tale of true grit, salt air and a love of the ocean.

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