Anchored In Responsibility

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Feeding the hunger for sustainable Wild Alaska Pollock, Alaskan Salmon and Cod with transparency from fleet to fork.

Vertical Integration Guarantees Quality

Today’s seafood consumers want to make the best choice for plate and planet. Trident’s unwavering commitment to integrity and transparency sets the standard for responsible sourcing.

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Forged On Trust

We’re a family-owned, independent company that’s been delivering sustainable seafood for three generations. We strive for providing the highest quality, aligning in-season production with demand to ensure timely delivery of the freshest possible product from Alaska.

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Complete Supply Chain Transparency

Our Wild Alaska cod, crab, pollock, and salmon, sold in the USA, are always caught in American waters by our own fleet and vetted independent partners who strictly adhere to sustainable practices. We monitor every touchpoint in the supply chain and preserve peak quality at primary processing facilities near the fishing grounds and secondary facilities worldwide.

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Sustainable Excellence

Our approach to fishing includes rigorous monitoring and innovative programs to minimize non-target species catch. State-of-the-art harvesting and tracking systems reduce our impact on the marine environment. We measure our greenhouse gas emissions and invest in cutting our carbon footprint, including the use of recyclable packaging and transportation efficiencies.  

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Always with Integrity

Strict labor standards govern our operations, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. We’re committed to fair competition and antitrust principles, ensuring a level playing field in the seafood industry while meeting the rising demand for traceable and sustainable American seafood.

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