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Trident Seafoods Commemorates 50 Years

Cordova, Alaska harbor with mountains in the background.

Trident Seafoods Commemorates 50 Years of Revolutionizing the Seafood Industry; Will Champion Alaska’s Wild Seafood Well into the Future

Looking ahead, the company renews its commitment to its stakeholders and to investing in science and technologies to grow and set the highest standards for sustainability, quality and integrity

Seattle, Wash. – January 31, 2023 – When Chuck Bundrant founded Trident Seafoods 50 years ago, he fished from a single vessel in Alaska, with one unique point of difference – his vessel included a crab processing plant on board, bringing quality seafood to consumers from fleet to fork. Thus, the practice of creating value for all stakeholders in Trident’s supply chain – from crew to customers – was born. Now led by his son Joe, Trident is the largest vertically integrated seafood company in the United States, with 9,000 global employees, 5,400+ independent fishermen and crewmembers out of Alaska and 44 facilities and locations around the world.

Today, Trident Seafoods continues to develop better ways of delivering the best seafood from Alaska to retailers and restaurants across the world. Using state-of-the-art finished seafood product manufacturing facilities in regions its products are sold, the company is able to shorten the time to market. Its offerings - from Wild Alaska Pollock, to salmon, crab and beyond - are vigorously tested and tracked to ensure consistency in quality and freshness.

The global, independently owned company continues to champion Alaska’s wild seafood, with globally leading and sustainable fishing practices, diligent management of its entire supply chain and working with its partners on continuous improvement. Trident’s proven experience using research and technology to guide its actions helps ensure that it minimizes impact on marine ecosystems. Trident also stands for innovation and sustainability. The company has made significant capital investments to fully use every fish harvested. What was once considered waste is now turned into high-quality fishmeal, fish oil, and other seafood byproducts for animal feeds, fertilizers, pet treats and human consumption.

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary, Trident plans to celebrate its fishermen, employees, partners, suppliers, communities, customers and other stakeholders and acknowledge that without them, Trident would not have had the success it has had to date.

“At our core, we are a people business, and what sets us apart is how we care for each other. My father’s vision for combining talented people, lasting relationships and quality seafood from fleet to fork is central to how we do business and is embodied in our mission and values,” said Joe Bundrant, CEO.

“We are appreciative of the continuous support and sacrifice of our founders, employees and fishermen who have worked tirelessly in some of the most remote and challenging conditions on the planet. We have confidence in our region’s leading science-based fisheries research and management systems to sustain a bright future. We are in this for the long run. We are in this together. And if we stay true to our founding principles, we will succeed.”

About Trident Seafoods.

Trident Seafoods is the largest vertically integrated seafood harvesting and processing company in North America. Trident is a privately held, 100 percent USA-owned company with global operations in 6 countries and serves customers in over 50 countries. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, (USA), Trident employs approximately 9,000 people worldwide each year and partners with over 5,400 independent fishermen and crewmembers. Species harvested and processed by Trident include virtually every commercial species of salmon, whitefish, and crab harvested in the North Pacific and Alaska. The global supply chain also includes cultured and wild species from a network of trusted sources worldwide.

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