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Pacific Marine Expo - Fishing for the Future: Innovations Progressing the Industry

Trident is exhibiting at Pacific Marine Expo and hosting a panel discussion on technology innovations progressing the commercial seafood industry.

A closeup photo of Wild Alaska salmon, freshly caught in June 2023

Pacific Marine Expo, the largest commercial marine trade show on the West Coast, takes place November 8-10, 2023 in Seattle, Washington.

This year, more than 500 exhibitors will descend upon Seattle, offering attendees a chance to attend education sessions and panel discussions on marine safety, business management, regulatory issues and technical advancements.

Where to see Trident at Pacific Marine Expo

As an exhibitor, Trident Seafoods can be found at Booth 731. More information can be found on Pacific Marine Expo's exhibitor list.

Panel Conversation - "Fishing for the Future: Innovations Progressing the Industry"

In addition to exhibiting at Pacific Marine Expo, Trident is excited to host a panel discussion looking at the latest technology developments for the commercial fishing industry.

Moderator: Noelle Yochum (bio) | Senior Manager, Fishing Innovation and Sustainability | Trident Seafoods

Technology developments for commercial fishing operations are not keeping pace with the expansion of technological capabilities or the needs of the fishing industry. Utilizing new technology can save money, save time, and increase safety. In this session, hear from fishermen who have implemented new technology on their vessels as well as some of the companies creating the latest products.

  • Hear perspectives on the needs and barriers for technology development and funding in commercial fisheries

  • Identify successful technologies and the benefits of them to the fishing industry

  • Identify opportunities to build long-term capacity for technology development

  • Hear perspectives from technology developers on ways to communicate needs or suggested modifications

Learn more about technology innovations in the commercial fishing industry in National Fishermen's exclusive article: "Fishing for the Future: Technology innovations redefine expectations across the commercial fishing industry."


  1. Brent Paylor (bio) | Trident Seafoods | Captain, C/P Island Enterprise

  2. Sean Dwyer (bio) | Trident Seafoods | Fleet Experience Team Manager

  3. Daniel Joram (bio) | Nobeltec | West Coast Regional Sales Manager

  4. David Barbee (bio) | SIMRAD | Field Service Engineer

To register for Pacific Marine Expo, visit the Pacific Marine Expo online