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Our commitment to independent fishermen is more than the fish.

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It all starts with you, our fishermen.

You are the cornerstone of our business. We would not exist without your hard work and sacrifice. We are dependent on your ability to catch the best the ocean has to offer – doing it with more skill and care than anyone else. That’s why you can count on us to be your solid ground and safe harbor. We are committed to providing the support and services that you need to operate both safely and successfully. The future of our company depends on your success, and by working together to strengthen our bond, we will prosper together for many years to come. You are part of our family.


Nearly 1400 independent fishing vessels choose Trident Seafoods as their partner.


Our Fleet Management team is committed to providing the best service in Alaska to our Fleets.


At Trident, we are committed to protecting our waters, managing fisheries not just for sustainability, but for abundance – ensuring that our future generations have a place to fish.

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The best fishermen in the world partner with Trident because we care for each other as a family. Our livelihoods, and often our lives, depend on it. This partnership with our nearly 1400 independent fishing vessels is one of the most valued pieces of our business. Season after season, these Captains and their crews choose to fish for Trident. Many of the partnerships with our fishermen have carried on through 3 generations of fishing families.

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Our Fleet Management team is committed to providing the best service in Alaska to our Fleets. We have a team throughout Alaska and our lower 48 facilities working round the clock ordering parts, providing groceries and fuel, moving nets, freight, and scheduling offloads to keep our harvesting partners maximizing the time spent on the fishing grounds. Many of our Fleet team are former fishermen and understand the complexity of these harvesting operations. Their experience creates a solid foundation of understanding and respect for why we work so diligently to service our harvesting partners. Trident's success is measured by our ability to best serve the Fleets and Communities in which we operate. Assisting our fleet in achieving safe and productive fishing seasons is every employee’s main goal in Alaska.

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At Trident, we are committed to supporting robust, science-driven management, with a long-term approach that ensures that our future generations have a place to fish. Fishing is what we have always done and, if managed sustainably, is what we will always do. With rapidly changing ocean, market, and trade conditions, collaboration and advocacy focused on a strong seafood sector is urgent. This urgency requires trust in well-directed science and commitment to adaptation and innovation. We are mutually reliant on each other and we need to work together to ensure that we both succeed.

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