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Wild Alaska Pollock Burmese Lettuce Wraps

Prep Time 11 minutes
Yield 12 SERVINGS servings
Wild Alaska Pollock Burmese Lettuce Wraps



Cook Skillet-Redi Alaska Pollock per instructions. Break up pieces and keep warm.

Combine oil and 2 cups shallots in skillet; cook until shallots are nicely browned. Transfer to toweling. Retain shallot oil.

Soak remaining shallots in cold water 15 minutes and drain.

Soak dried shrimp in cold water 10-20 minutes; drain. Process shrimp until fluffy ground powder.

Toast chickpea flour in dry pan until lightly browned.

Combine grapefruit, Alaska Pollock, fish sauce, soaked shallots, fried shallots, shrimp powder, chickpea powder, 2 tablespoons shallot oil and toss.

Serve about 2 oz per serving in Bibb lettuce cups topped with mint.

Serves 12



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