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Crave-Able Recipe Classics by Food Network Celebrity Nancy Fuller

  • Star of #1 show on Food Network, Spring & Holiday Baking Championship

  • Delicious Recipe ideas for whatever the occasion, both big and small!

  • Louis Kemp Surimi Super Shreds offer real crab flavor and texture without the hassle of high cost real crab.

  • Made from Premium quality Alaska Pollock, our Louis Kemp Surimi Super Shred is low in fat and cholesterol, loaded with protein and calcium, and contains no MSG.

Use Louis Kemp® Surimi Super Shreds for these amazing “DelightFuller” recipes!

Surimi Seafood is Real Seafood.

A seafood dish that has been a staple of the Japanese diet for centuries, Surimi seafood is real seafood. Made with Wild Alaska Pollock & Pacific Whiting caught in Alaska using responsible fishing practices. Fully Cooked and Pasteurized, our Surimi is made in the USA and can be menued as seafood, for both hot & cold items.