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Crave-Able Recipe Classics by Food Network Celebrity Nancy Fuller

  • Star of #1 show on Food Network, Spring & Holiday Baking Championship

  • Delicious Recipe ideas for whatever the occasion, both big and small!

  • Louis Kemp Surimi Super Shreds offer real crab flavor and texture without the hassle of high cost real crab.

  • Made from Premium quality Alaska Pollock, our Louis Kemp Surimi Super Shred is low in fat and cholesterol, loaded with protein and calcium, and contains no MSG.

Surimi Seafood is Real Seafood.

A seafood dish that has been a staple of the Japanese diet for centuries, Surimi seafood is real seafood. Made with Wild Alaska Pollock & Pacific Whiting caught in Alaska using responsible fishing practices. Fully Cooked and Pasteurized, our Surimi is made in the USA and can be menued as seafood, for both hot & cold items.