Alaska Pollock Protein Noodle

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Our revolutionary noodles are power packed with 10 grams of protein per serving. They are steam cooked to ensure fresh artisan quality. Swap them into any of your favorite noodle dishes. Made from Wild Alaska Pollock, fully cooked and ready to go, they’re a versatile, flavor neutral alternative to high-carb noodles.

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10g of Protein per Serving

7g of Carbs per Serving

70mg Omega-3

Gluten Free | Non-GMO

10g Protein Noodles: 8 simple ingredients and centuries of tradition

For centuries, noodles made with fish have appeared on menus in some of the finest sushi and Asian restaurants in the world. The noodle-making process is quite simple: start with fresh fish, puree, add salt, add flour or starches, roll or extrude the dough through a ricer or a pasta maker, then boil in water.

Here at Trident, we were inspired by this age-old process. And to make artisanal noodles that are convenient and easy for you to enjoy, we put our own twist on it, refining the process to work on a larger scale. In keeping with tradition, we use simple ingredients – 8 to be exact. Packed with 10 grams of protein per serving, our noodles are a great way for you to get hooked on the protein your body craves.

We start with the finest Wild Alaska Pollock that’s caught and processed within hours of harvest. We filet and puree it, then add sea salt and a touch of sugar to lock in the just-caught freshness of the sea. Because we use tapioca and potato starch, our noodles are gluten free.

To bring you a flavor neutral  noodle with a pleasing texture and firm bite we use a proprietary process. Here’s how it works:

  • Pureed Alaska Pollock – also known as surimi – is combined it with 8 ingredients, then homogenized and blended under vacuum.  This ensures a noodle with a smooth and consistent texture.
  • Next, we extrude the surimi into a noodle form similar to a rice noodle or fettucine pasta. 
  • We then cook the noodle. Instead of using hot water, we use infrared heat and steam to cook them in order to prevent sogginess and ensure fresh artisan quality.
  • After they’re cooked, we cut and package the noodles while they are still warm, then pasteurize them to ensure food safety.
  • Finally, we freeze or chill  the noodles, depending on which final product form in order to lock in freshness for you to enjoy, or serve to your guests.

We’ve taken a time-honored method for making noodles to a new place – one that allows us to offer a healthy and appetizing alternative to traditional noodles, and one that uses a sustainable source of protein. The result is a noodle you can feel good about eating.


Noodle Ingredients:

  1. Alaska Pollock
  2. Egg Whites
  3. Water
  4. Tapioca Starch
  5. Cane Sugar
  6. Sea Salt
  7. Potato Starch
  8. Citric Acid