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Thai Lettuce Wraps with Sriracha Cod Bites

PREP TIME30 minutes

YIELDServes 12. servings


1 Cup Lime Juice
2/3 Cup Sugar
2/3 Cup Fish Sauce
1/2 Cup Water
2  Garlic Clove (Minced)
3-4  Thai Chiles
3-4  Thai Chiles
36  SEAFUSIONS™ Spicy Sriracha Cod Bites 0.50 oz Fryer Ready (1/10 lb) 420981
1.5 oz Shiso Leaves (Purple or Green)
1.5 oz Cilantro


1. Make dipping sauce by stirring together lime juice, sugar, fish sauce, water, garlic and chiles until sugar is dissolved. Serve cod bites, lettuce, shiso and cilantro and encourage guests to build their own wraps, then dip in the sauce.