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Lent 2019

Lent 2019: Join the Food Truck Revolution!

Food trucks are everywhere these days. In fact, over the past five years, this $2.7 billion industry has grown four times faster than the restaurant industry as a whole. Lent is the perfect opportunity to try a food-truck-tested fish dish on your menu.

Seafood sales can surge more than 20% overall during Lent and more than 50% on Lent Fridays. So go fishing this Lent—and who knows? You might create the next world-famous customer favorite.

Save $5 per case (up to $500).

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We offer a full line of quality surimi seafood brands made with Wild Alaska Pollock. From limited ingredient, clean label brands, to our classic value brands—you can choose the right surimi brand for your menu or application and save for a limited time!

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Try our new Wild Alaska Pollock and Cod items! Choose from Lemon Butter Crumb breaded, Beer battered made with real Budweiser® or Corona® beer, or Butter Crumb breaded. With $5 off, you can afford to try all 4 on-trend flavor profiles. Hurry to save on these sustainable, versatile and profitable products.