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All products are made from whole fillets and cook from frozen in 25 minutes or less, giving you a flavorful selection of lightly breaded, battered, and seasoned seafood options to grab from the freezer and quickly prepare.
Alaskan Salmon Burgers
Our Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers are the #1 selling salmon burger in the U.S.*
PubHouse® Battered Cod
Wild caught Cod wrapped in our signature PubHouse® batter.
Panko Breaded Tilapia
Tilapia fillets in a light, Japanese-style Panko breading.
The Ultimate Fish Stick
While most brands add 50% breading to their products, we use just 35%, giving you more fish in every bite.
Breaded Pacific Flounder
Wild Pacific Flounder fillets are lightly breaded and cook up tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.
PubHouse® Battered Halibut
Wild Alaskan Halibut fillets wrapped in our signature PubHouse® batter.
Mahi-Mahi Burgers
An easy and convenient way to enjoy exotic and delicately flavored Mahi-Mahi.
Alaskan Salmon Dinner Fillets
Ready-to-cook wild Alaskan Salmon fillets topped with breadcrumbs and filled with feta, artichoke and spinach.
Alaska Pollock Dinner Fillets
Ready-to-cook wild caught Alaska Pollock fillets topped with breadcrumbs and filled with tomato and parmesan cheese.
Alaskan Pollock Nuggets
Kid-sized, crispy battered wild Alaskan Pollock nuggets have big flavor to satisfy adult tastes.
Beer Battered Alaskan Pollock
Wild Alaskan Pollock fillets surrounded by crispy, beer-flavored batter.
Alaskan Fish & Chips
Battered wild Alaskan Pollock and crisp, golden fries for an all-in-one meal that cooks at the same time and temperature.
Seasoned Alaskan Salmon
Ready-to-cook wild Alaskan Salmon seasoned with savory paprika and garlic.
Lemon Herb Alaskan Pollock
Ready-to-cook wild Alaskan Pollock seasoned with lemon, garlic, herbs & spices.
Black Pepper Tilapia
Ready-to-cook Tilapia fillets seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper.
*IRI, Total U.S. Food, 52 weeks ending July 14, 2013
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