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Frequently Asked Questions For Our Seafood Processor Positions

What are the requirements to work for Trident Seafoods?
In order to work for Trident, you must:
Be 18 years old.
Have valid permission to work in the U.S.
Speak and understand English (for safety reasons)
Apply Online
Attend an orientation and interview in person (having an interview is not a guarantee of employment)
Pass a pre-employment drug screen and background screen.
Complete post offer medical placement questionnaire.
Be able to abstain from alcohol and drugs for the duration of your employment agreement
Be able to complete your employment agreement

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When does the season start & end?
Trident’s employment seasons can be as short as one month or last as long as six months. A Season (Cod, Pollock, Crab): Hiring occurs October-December for work that will begin in December
B Season (Herring, Salmon): Hiring occurs April-June for work beginning in June We will continue to hire throughout the seasons, however, this is when our interviews occur.

What is the pay scale for a seafood processor?
Seafood Processors in Alaska earn at least minimum wage, and any hours worked in excess of 8 per day or 40 per workweek shall be paid at the rate of one and one-half times the regular rate of pay. Payment on vessels can be case rate or hourly, and Seafood Processors in Naknek, Alaska may be paid a higher rate.

What are the work conditions like in Alaska?
Seafood processing is physically demanding, long hours, cold, wet, and repetitive. Please remember that there are no guaranteed work hours! When fish are available, you will be required to be ready and willing to work as directed.

What are the living conditions like?
Our shore plants offer dormitory style bunkhouses. Rooms are shared between 2-6 people. Bathroom facilities are also shared. On our vessels, employees share small staterooms with 2-6 people in each room. Bathroom facilities are also shared.

Why should I work for Trident Seafoods?
Trident provides:
  • Safe work environment
  • Opportunity to work many hours of overtime
  • Advancement opportunities within the organization
  • Transportation from Seattle to Alaska and back (if you complete your agreement)
  • Trident pays a portion of your room and board (if you complete your agreement)
  • Opportunities to work nearly year-round season-to-season without vast number of plants and fisheries Alaska

I filled out my application, now what?
Check your email and CLICK HERE for interview dates and locations you can attend.

I am done with my interview and drug test, what’s next?
We may decide to start a criminal background check right away (or anytime until the hiring starts). Check your email for that update.

I got an email from you! My background check is complete, what do I do?
Your background check is complete, you may receive an email about your next steps.

How long does it take for me to get a job?
We start early! And we get lots of applications. It can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months to get a job.

I was offered a job at a location I did not apply – why?
Space is limited in some of our locations and our team may believe that a certain location is better suited for you.

I do not have enough money to fly to Seattle, what do I do?
There are various options to get to Seattle for your contract signing date, we recommend looking into bus or train options in addition to air travel options.

I want to work in the same place as my family or friend, what do I do?
We cannot guarantee that you will be placed with your family or friend, however, if you would like to request this you need to let us know during your interview. If you are placed at the same location, we cannot guarantee that you will be in the same room.

What do I pack?
Information Here

How do I get to Seattle? How do I get to the corporate office?
Directions Here

It is important to check your email often, so you don’t delay the process. During hiring seasons we receive a high volume of phone calls. You can avoid long hold times by checking your email and our website for answers to your questions.

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