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Northwest Plants

» Anacortes
» Bellingham
» Motley, MN
» Newport, OR
» Pier 91 (Seattle)
» Seattle Shipyard (Old Yard)
» Tacoma Shipyard



This state-of-the-art secondary processing facility was built by Trident in 1989 and includes a large cold storage operation. Anacortes is located in the Northwest region of Washington State, on the coast of Puget Sound. It is 70 miles south of the U.S./Canadian border.

The Anacortes plant produces portion-controlled seafood products from frozen fish fillets and blocks such as pollock, cod, salmon and halibut. Many of the products are battered, breaded, glazed, fryer and oven-ready. These finished products are ideal for foodservice, institutional, and restaurant applications and are delivered to various locations throughout the world. Currently the Anacortes plant can produce 84 million pounds of finished product per year. Production capacity is expanding yearly. The crew size is roughly 225 employees.

CFN: 3025165



Bellingham is located in the Northwest region of Washington State, approximately 20 miles south of the U.S./Canadian border. Trident's Bellingham plant produces a full line of H&G salmon, canned salmon products, salmon caviar and a wide variety of value-added products from Puget Sound and Alaska fisheries. The Bellingham plant employs 175 people year-round with additional seasonal hiring in the late summer and fall.

CFN: 3019780


Motley, MN

Trident’s Motley facility is located in central Minnesota, approximately 150 miles northwest of Minneapolis and has 135,000 square feet of processing space. The plant is North America’s largest producer of surimi seafood products with an annual capacity of over 100 million pounds. Products produced at the Motley facility include refrigerated and frozen surimi seafood and fully cooked salmon for use in retail, foodservice, and international markets in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, and South America. The plant employs nearly 400 full time team members.

CFN: 2129670


Newport, OR

Trident's Newport facility is located midway along the Oregon coast. This seasonal facility typically operates from June through September as a shore-based frozen seafood and fishmeal operation. The Newport plant will process up to 1 million pounds of Pacific whiting per day, yielding a combination of surimi, fillet blocks, mince, fishmeal and oil. The plant employs approximately 120 people.

CFN: 3026665


Pier 91 (Seattle)


Trident's Pier 91 facility is located on the waterfront immediately northwest of downtown Seattle. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specializes in the production of portion-controlled seafood products made from crab, cod, pollock, halibut, sole and salmon. Home of the PubHouse®, Arctic Ice® and Trident Seafoods® brands, the plant produces a variety of items including, raw-breaded, oven-ready, battered, breaded, and marinated, IQF, portion-controlled products.

The plant also does ingredient blending and is capable of producing up to 40 million pounds of product per year. Pier 91 is also the location of Trident’s primary distribution facility with an 800,000 cubic foot distribution/cold storage center. The Pier 91 facility is staffed year-round by approximately 150 employees.

CFN: 3025150

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