Wild Alaska Pollock

Skin Is In With Wild Alaska Pollock

Wild Alaska Pollock has a delicate & edible skin that helps to retain moisture & shape during cooking and adds a crispy texture for a more flavorful fillet. Great for grilling, pan-frying, or battering!

Your consumers demand it. We make it easy for you.

Our new Wild & Simple Alaska Pollock products offer all the sustainability, health, branding, and affordability benefits of Wild Alaska Pollock – and they also elevate the fish. Made of deep-skinned/once-frozen/additive-free/non-GMO fillets, these four revolutionary new products and the simple-to-prep recipes that accompany them will change your menu forever.

Wild Alaska Pollock is the most abundant certified-sustainable wild fish in the world. Continue scrolling for more great recipe concepts and product details.

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Skillet Redi

Presenting 3 new recipes. Easy as 1–2–3.

These 14.4 oz mini-blocks are perfect for serving small groups and for restaurants with fast table-turnover rates. It’s simple: just thaw and sauté, separating the fillets and seasoning as you go. Then just add to your favorite dish!

Pan Redi

Presenting 3 new recipes. Easy as 1–2–3.

These 16.5 lb whole fillet blocks make it easy to serve delicious and sustainable seafood to banquet-sized groups. Just place frozen block in a hotel pan and roast, seasoning as you go. Serve buffet style or add to your favorite dish.